Nienke van Overveld

5x CrossFit Games Athlete


Nienke van Overveld is a 5x CrossFit Games athlete, “Fittest Woman in the Netherlands 2020”, “European Champion 2023, Team No Shortcuts”, part of “4th Fittest Team on Earth 2021, CrossFit Surbiton”, and “5th Fittest Team on Earth 2023, No Shortcuts CrossFit”.  She has been on a Dutch (2019), British (2021), Spanish (2022) and Danish (2023) CrossFit Games team. 

Besides her 9 year background in CrossFit, and a 5 year background in gymnastics, she has a BSc in Biomedical Sciences (Maastricht University) and a MSc in Human Movement Sciences / Sport Psychology (VU Amsterdam). She is a CrossFit Level 2 Coach and an Advanced Personal Trainer (MILO Education). She coaches gymnastics and competitors clinics throughout the Netherlands/Belgium.

She started coaching CrossFit classes back in 2015, as well as personal training and remote personalized coaching. Now she has shifted her focus to remote group coaching, through ALL THE WAY (ATW). With ATW she is coaching online and has direct contact with other CrossFitters to help them reach their goals.